Black Female Engineer.

Hey Loves,

So yesterday I joined a Facebook page called “Confessions of a Black Female Engineer” and I literally connected automatically. I am a Black Female Chemical Engineer and in the past year it has been completely interesting.  For one anytime a woman makes the decision to tackle a man’s world you have to have a certain mindset. I feel I am a different type of strong. You are constantly going to end up as the only female in most of the situations. Some people (older men) have to readjust themselves into the new idea that we are totally taking over the world.

I enjoy the idea of stepping into a place where no one expect me to be. I enjoy the idea of changing the mindsets of people. Granted sometimes I find myself having minor battles like the lack of women uniforms and sometimes the places that I go are not always female friendly but its always a step in the right direction.  The major thing I am learning is about how not everything should be taken as an offence to me being a woman. Really it is just everyone needs to make the adjustments. At the end of the day


So until the next burst of thought…..TTFN. 

5 thoughts on “Black Female Engineer.

  1. In my personal experience, strangers usually have a shocked look on their face after I tell them I’m a chem-e as if a black women being a chem-e is an oxymoron. I’d like for that mindset to change.

  2. I support strong minded women who have the motivation to succeed in life. It inspires me to continue to push myself and to never give up. You have encouraged me to continue to pursue my desires and goals. Thank you.

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