My 2014 Fitness GOALS

Good Evening Loves,

It is now time for some self-made Q&A about my fitness.

  1. Why do I want to lose weight?
  2. What am I looking to gain during year 2 of working out?
  3. What is going to be done differently this year?

I want to lose weight for multiple reasons with the main one being: I am at an unhealthy weight. I noticed a couple things I have acquired that I guess you can say “came with the weight gain” such as: Knee problems, a horrible snoring habit, back fat and adult acne. I am not really sure if adult acne can be associated with my weight gain but I seriously would like to blame it on something.

Year 1 of working out was fairly good. I established a natural routine of working out at a minimum of 3 days a week and most of the time I even managed to get to the gym every day. I suffered some injuries from not resting properly but I can successfully say I enjoy working out. I have been changing my eating habits and I realized I have really starting changing my lifestyle for the better. It makes me very happy in a way that I was not expecting it. Now for year 2 I am looking for some major physical changes. I want my triceps to be the tone goddesses that they used to be. This entire notion of back fat will be completely nonexistent, and lord knows I cannot wait until I am that chic running down the street in a sports bra and some running shorts. (I seriously have the urge to pull down my window and scream “WORK IT… I WILL JOIN YOU SOON”)

I am going to try my absolute hardest to cook my food for the week on Sundays like I was doing originally that way I can plan and be in more control of what I eat. I think just because I am trying to lose weight does not mean that every meal needs to be a rabbit dish. So I am going to use my Pinterest account to the fullest this year and keep looking up recipes. If anyone has any great tasting healthy recipes feel free to comment below with some great ideas.

GOAL: 45 lbs by June

Can I do it? YES I CAN

So until the next burst of thought…Adios

OOOH P.S. Hopefully my YouTube channel will be up and running soon. Stay posted 

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