Seize the Day

Hey Loves,

So yet again I have been doing some thinking. 

My day is as follows:

Wake up at 4:30 am

Get Dressed and Eat a Breakfast

Full Time Job

Minimum Hour Everyday at the Gym

Cooking All Meals

Cleaning up after myself instead of waiting until the weekend

Preparing for my tomorrow

Listening to Lectures, Taking Notes, and Doing Homework

Shower and Other Important Night Routine

Sleep for 8 hours

Even though I get off at 3:30 pm. There is no way I can do all of this in the afternoon and still get a full 8+ hours of sleep. So what has to give? I made a vow to myself while completing undergrad that I will never let my health and wellbeing suffer for an A again. So what have I been doing to make this easier on myself? Well for one I have been trying to iron my clothes for work on Sundays and hanging them up in my closet. That gives me like 20 extra minutes in the AM because I flip flop with my clothes option so much. I have resorted to juicing my breakfast in the morning. It always has one banana, a cup of spinach, and a bunch of other fruit. I sometimes even get fancy and add a little protein. I am very hesitant to use protein right now since I am trying to lose weight but I will address that later.

At work when I am taking a break or even at lunch I am listening to the lectures for my class. It is an online class so I am trying my hardest to stay on top of things so I won’t have to rush and do everything at the last minute. Plus my job is filled with engineers who could help me in the subject matter. For the gym I carry a notebook that logs all of my workouts and sometimes I plan ahead and I pick out what I am doing so I can optimize every minute I have at the gym.

And of course I have started meal prepping for the entire week so I just come home and pop it in the microwave. All and all I think I have managed to eliminate a lot of the time I would spend prepping things. Even though somehow the whole 8 hours of sleep thing has been eluding me. I figure it will take time to get it all together. Especially since I have started this blog and hopefully my youtube channel will be up and running within the next week.

Hey I have finally figured out how to get the follow icons up. You should notice you all have the ability to follow my blog via email. As for the YouTube channel I am experiencing some technical difficulties but I am working out the kinks. I am super excited.


So until the next burst of thought….Bye Bye!!

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