Weekly Workout Assessment|Jan.12-Jan.18

Hey Loves,

This week (Sunday January 12- Saturday January 18) I managed to hit the gym 5 days out of the week. I can honestly say my mood in the gym this week was pretty low. Sometimes I go through periods where my motivation is not as high as it is some weeks. On a brighter note I did wake up multiple days with certain parts of my body reminding me that I was working out. For some reason waking up and feeling my core muscles makes me very happy. It makes me feel like I am one step closer to a slimmer waist.

Next week’s goals:

  1. Lose 2 lbs
  2. Run farther on leg days
  3. Up my plank time to 40 secs but keep 3 sets

There is nothing more difficult that keeping this whole thing up and traveling for yet another training. So this time around it’s for a week of better eating and hotel work outs. I found some good YouTube videos that I plan to do every morning. Plus I have a lot of workouts that I can do that I do not actually needs weights for. I will be logging everything so I can add it to the “iheartfitness” section for further repetitions. I feel like this week is going to be an interesting challenge. O I also plan on buying some food that I can prepare in the hotel. Recipes coming soon.

So until the next burst of thought…Sayonara 

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