Make Up Chat | The Power of a Bold Lip

Whenever I am having one of those days where I am not loving what I see in the mirror, or I just feel blah, or even if I just want to feel more powerful…. I GO FOR A BOLD LIP.

Now I know some people are hesitant because bold colors definitely draw attention but let me tell you my “bold testimonial”. When I first started watching YouTube for makeup tutorials I fell in love with one of the tutorials by “Beautybyjj” where she was using MAC Rebel. For some reason I immediately fell in love with that color. However because I was a “bold lip” virgin I was not into the idea of spending $15 on a lipstick that I may or may not like on myself. So then I started watching videos and reading online about MAC Rebel and I found the drugstore dupe. Wet N Wild 908C Sugar Plum Fairy was my angel to start my “journey”. So once I bought it I tried it on at home. I kept looking at myself in the mirror thinking “this is too much for me, maybe this was a bad idea, glad I paid only $2” then I face timed my mom (because we all know that mom’s consigning an idea makes it gold) However my mom didn’t agree with me at all, she loved it. You would think this would make me want to wear it but honestly I didn’t wear it for 3 more weeks. When I did…O….MY…..GOSH…I fell in love. It just makes my face light up and I feel awesome. So then I started venturing out into more colors. SURPRISE HERE ARE SOME OF MY RECENT LOOKS..ENJOY THE PHOTOS

Milani Black Cherry – Sexy Deep Vampy Red

Maybelline Limited Edition 1000 – Lavender Voltage

MAC Heroine
NYX Current Lip Pencil + Maybelline Lip Gloss 315- Chocolate Lust
NYX Auburn Lip Pencil + Maybelline Lip Gloss Purple Royal

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 225 Sultry + Maybelline Elixir 025 Mauve Mystery

So I say when you are having a bad morning and you need a quick non-caffeinated pick me up: GO BOLD LIPS

When you feel like you are bloated beyond all reason and nothing is fitting right: GO BOLD LIPS


What’s your favorite lip combo? Comment below

So until the next burst of thought….. Bis nachher (See ya Later)


5 thoughts on “Make Up Chat | The Power of a Bold Lip

  1. I love these colors on you! My favorite bold lip is Mac’s Rebel! I started liking bold lips because of Beautybyjj and MakeupDoll on youtube before I discovered them I only wore clear lip gloss

    1. OOO I just started viewing makeup doll. I love Jennie!! You should stayed tuned I just started my “iheartbri” channel and I will definitely be doing some tutorials. MAC rebel will always be my first love

  2. Soooooooo first of all I love my vamp lipstick on you lol!! But no really I want another one for valentines day or something big sis. Secondly I really like this candy pink/purple and even though I’m not ready to lose my “bold lip virginity” (ima stick to neutrals, darker reds and powdery pinks.. But not that powdery) it’s AMAZING.
    OK MY COMMENT: do you have any tips for brown skin females of the darker variety to be able to wear bold lips and still be comfortable and not feel like we will look like our lips are glowing and just too much?..

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