New Page Addition|Crock Pot

Hey Loves,

Let the world rejoice because I know have a CROCKPOT!!!!! For some this may also be called “A lazy cooks dream”. For now I am calling her Crocky and I will be posting the recipes that I will be trying in the “iheartfood” section of my blog under “Crocky Adventures” ( The first recipe up is called “Italian Sausage Stew” I got inspired to make this from the crazy weather we have been having. Of course I made it on the day where it was sleeting and snowing in SOUTH TEXAS so I found the idea very fitting for another blog.  I am definitely going to be using my Pinterest and google to my full advantage while I am in the experimenting mood. I am going to try and stay as healthy as possible so that this new found love doesn’t distract me from the original mission.

So check it out and stay tuned. Don’t forget to FOLLOW this blog, subscribe to my channel, follow me on twitter and fb. I will be trying to post announcements and stuff everywhere.

So until the next burst of though today….Adios

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