Snow Day in Texas|T-1 day until I am 25

Due to the fact that the South freaks out at the slightest possibility of snow, I was graced with a day off. So I thought I would be writing about my baseline assessment from yesterday and some of my eating downfalls I encountered BUT I lost my notebook where I log my food and my workouts. So as soon as I find that I promise to update about my progress and back steps.

I have been thinking…tomorrow is my birthday…. And I am going to be a quarter of a century old. (Sounds so much cooler than saying 25) Am I doing everything that I want to do? Is this the life I imagined for myself? Then I stopped because that is some seriously depressing crap to think about on your birthday. So I decided that instead today was a reflection on my future and things I hope to accomplish in my 25th year of life.

  1. I hope that this year my blog will reach thousands of open eyes to read and hopefully that will transfer to my YouTube Channel (For those who aren’t following you definitely should because once we get this editing down videos will be flowing). If I reach this goal I will officially buy my domain and really set this apart. So far I have enjoyed the “marketing” side of this blog thing because I have been finding some awesome blogs to personally follow myself.
  2. I hope that this year I will finish up my classes and add another bit of education perks to my already cool resume. I may even consider a career change in the future.
  3. I am definitely going to move into a better place and actually start decorating it.  I have been putting it off with the idea that I will be moving shortly. No need to have the people deliver and set up here if it’s temporary right?
  4. I want to venture further out of my comfort zone. This blog is one of the steps that I made to start doing this. It’s been pretty fun so far.
  5. I want to continue to meet new people and making connections since everyone has a story and I want to hear them all.

And last but certainly not least:


I think these are pretty good goals to set for my 25th year.

So until the next burst of thought….TTFN

SN: if you have not told someone about me yet….WHY NOT?!

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