Thunder Thighs

Hey Loves,

This happened to me yesterday 😦 The curse of the ripped jeans. I can honestly say my thunder thighs have never been an issue when it comes to how I view my body. I admit that over time they have gotten larger as with the rest of my body but for some reason I never focus on them. That is until I rip a pair of my jeans that I love to wear. I mean yes clearly the wear on the inside of my jeans came from my love of wearing them BUT come on. No amount of squats or lunges can prepare me for the hurt that I experience when i feel that cold air on my inner thigh exposing a hole.

Plus I have considered the cute patch work idea that i see on pinterest BUT I think that will only apply to rips on knees. I feel that if I were to just add some cute fabric to the inner thigh hole would draw some odd attention to an area that should be pretty ignored by everyone else.

So what should I do?
I do not want to be that person who buys like 3 pairs of the same jean but honestly it is hard to replace a pair of awesome pants I got on a sale. Plus as a curvier woman in most stores my options are very limited. It hard to find jeans that fit my thighs and butt but does not create a black hole at my waist. (Definitely lost a couple belts to this epidemic)

So if anyone has a bit of advice to prevent my suffering or help repair the wounded please let me know?

Do you experience this problem?

So until the next burst of thoughts…TTFN

One thought on “Thunder Thighs

  1. Try Cato’s ( They have a variety of great styles and sizes. My play Grandma (lol) and my Mom use to shop there for me all the time. It is disheartening to see a rip form in your jeans. Imagine being pregnant, gaining 80 pounds, craving dirt but resorting to pizza, popsicles, and loads of sugar. Can we say EXTRA pounds were forming? Then to have an 11lb 4oz baby to prove it. LOL! Uhmm, Cato’s was my ONLY option to “attempt” to hide the weight until yoga became my best friend. You’ll be fine! I like the idea of covering the hole with patchwork. Use a mix of colors and match your eyeshadow with it. That should be cute! 🙂 ❤

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