Fitness Woes | Woman vs. Food

Hey Loves,
My arch nemesis is currently exposing my ultimate weakness…my kryptonite….FOOD! I wish i could say I am not losing weight because of something else but its all about the food I eat. For example this week I am in New Orleans. Literally a city known for its amazing plethora (SAT word) of good eating. However good eating here has no real concern about calories or clean eating. Breakfast is provided by the hotel and they even have the calorie count on the menu so that is not the problem. Lunch is my spinach salad in a flatbread. Dinner….has been an epic fail for me. Monday night was wings, Tuesday night was Rum House $2 tacos, and tonight….well who knows but I hope they have healthier alternatives or a good salad menu.

Plus I have not been as active working out like I should. I accidentally left my running shoes in TX so I have been jump roping in my room. It has gotten to the point where I feel guilty when I go to bed. Its only been 2 months into year 2 of working out and I am already feeling discouraged. So I am revamping my rewards program. I used it in the beginning but I think it is time to bring it back. By no means will I reward myself with food….I am not a dog.

Rewards Program 2014
If I lose….. I get….
5 lbs – Thigh High Socks (Super Comfy!!!)
10 lbs – MAC Diva Lipstick
15 lbs – New Workout Outfit
20 lbs – Mani/Pedi
25 lbs – New Book
30 lbs – Physical Change ( Hair Color, Piercing, Tattoo) [Halfway Mark]
35 lbs – New Cross Trainer
40 lbs – $50 Shopping
45 lbs – Spa Day
50 lbs – Nike Compression Pants
55 lbs – $100 Shopping Spree
60 lbs – Officially book a Cruise

So I will keep a log of this. I hope this works. Until the next burst of thought…Eat less Pray More 🙂

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