Scales Lie!|Motivation

Hey Loves,

I am going to start off by apologizing in regards to my workout updates. I have been feeling kind of discouraged lately and have really just been trying to focus on finding new ways to enjoy working out. Stepping on the scale has not been my friend since I lost those 3 lbs. a couple weeks ago but today I am here to say SCALES LIE. I have been so obsessed with that number that appears on it that I have forgotten some key points to why I am staying fit in the first place.

Ladies and Gents I present my refurbished maxi skirt.


As you can see in the photo, I was a lot bigger in July 2013 than I am now. I did not need a belt since I was literally holding my skirt up with my stomach. I did not feel very pretty and I honestly felt like a blimp but I was determined to be fabulous that weekend. Looking at the photo and what the flash showed…clearly missed that mark. (BY A MILE) BUT CHECK ME OUT NOW. My friend and I made this skirt because I fell in love with the fabric and the original size we made it was size 18. Now 7 months later, the only way I can wear it is by belting it high on my stomach. If I don’t then the skirt drags the floor and becomes a tripping hazard. Also can I reiterate that I NEED A BELT to wear it now!!!

This may seem mediocre to some people but to me this is a very proud moment. Let’s me know that all this work is not in vain. Just because the scale says I am gaining weight does not mean that its bad weight. Sure when I go to the doctor and step on the scale they may show concern but I guarantee I don’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, or anything other health complication that comes with being overweight. Why you may ask? Because I am gaining muscle. I am 100x better than I was last year at this time. Someone should really consider making a scale that can show you what weight is muscle and what weight is fat and then go from there.

When I focus on just fitting into my clothes better I find myself less discouraged and more likely to keep pushing just as hard as when I started. When I use the scale to gauge how I am doing…it seems like I keep disappointing myself because that 1-2lb/week seems unreachable. So it’s definitely time for a revamp update. I think that means I will be doing another video soon so stay tuned.

Are any of you experiencing this type of dilemma? Any suggestions?

Until the next burst of thought loves…Sayonara. 

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