Stress Free Saturday

Hey Loves,

Today is a beautiful day in the lovely city of Houston. Which inspires me to enjoy a stress free day and offer some good advice that I think everyone should do. So today here are my stress free ideas:

  1. Retail Therapy

Sometimes I go out to stores just to walk around and see what is trending. Spend the day walking around and sometimes I may even try on some clothes. I make sure to enjoy a great lunch somewhere like Zoe’s Kitchen and then I may even get fancy and have a smoothie or something. Lately I have been retail therapy window shopping. I still love shopping but sometimes just seeing the clothes is relaxing enough for me. Of course retail therapy is always the perfect day when spent with the homies.

  1. Get some fresh air

On days where the temperature is between 60-80 degrees I make it my day mission to enjoy the day to the fullest. It may not be the best day to rock shorts and tank top but I am definitely rocking comfortable “spring type weather” clothes that flow. (Perfect day for a Maxi skirt and a t-shirt) Open the windows and let the fresh air flow through your house. It’s refreshing and very relaxing. I also like going to outdoor cafés and such just to enjoy good food with fresh air.

  1. Go workout – Be Active

Nothing starts the perfect Saturday than a good morning workout. I try to enjoy a nice run on Saturdays. It’s what I consider my break day. Plus on Saturdays it’s time to be active AND social. SO hiking, paintball, golf range, anything that is fun yet some form of active. Don’t just sit around…release those happy endorphins.

  1. Read a book

To all my fellow nerds, a good book is MY FAVORITE form or relaxing. Reading a good book takes me into mind where I can imagine everything that is happening like it’s a live movie. Sometimes I have to stop myself from reading all day. This winter I was definitely that girl with a cup of hot tea a blanket and book for multiple hours. Keeps the brain juices flowing and in my personal opinion it helps keep up your vocabulary.

  1. Home Spa Day

When you are sore, having a bad day, or finally made a day where it is all about you….I recommends a spa day. Get the hot bubble bath flowing, add some nice scented candles, and a good book. Sometimes I even add Pandora into the mix but I keep it on movie scores because I find them extremely relaxing. It’s also the perfect time to get that chipped nail polish that you have been rocking all week an update. I am completely obsessed with nail polish and so I change my nail color once a week. Always make sure to add a good base coat to avoid color transfer to your nails. All in all a “home spa day” is just time you are taking out for yourself and your body. If you want to see my recipes and remedies for what I use during my spa day, leave a comment down below and I can give ya want ya want. J

I hope these are some good ideas to enjoy a stress free day. What do you do to relax?

So until the next burst of thought….Bye Bye

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