Gym Success | Fitness

Hey loves,

Today after I was drenching sweat from my 30 minute cardio burst. I realized that now I am running 2.31 miles in 30 minutes. I know..that’s no where near some of those awesome runners BUT for me that is a personal best in a while. So that is up from 2.26 miles from last week. Check me out huh!!! I can also say that I can definitely enjoy my day’s off workout. I usually take my time on my days off so i end up at the gym about twice the time I am during normal days. What is my running goal you ask? It’s 5 miles in under an hour. That is currently what my parents can do. (Yes my parents are pure beasts in everything they do) I figure if i cannot keep up with them then I need to try harder. 

Unfortunately now I must go back to recording since I am trying to get better with my Tuesday Youtube Upload Schedule so keep a look out for tomorrow’s blog and video. 

Until the next burst of thought…Bye BYe

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