Makeup |February Look

Hey Loves,

As February is winding down I’ve been looking through the photos I’ve taken this month and I have realized that pretty much all have the same look. Brown/Gold Eye has apparently been my favorite look this month. I posted a photo about this on my Instagram (Also anyone know how to change the privacy settings on Instagram…I forgot. I may have to make another one) but here is the look in full detail.


I think I took these photos when I was attempting to record some videos that I later did not like but that is beside the point. I have worn this look with multiple lip variations but my favorite has been the mauve pink lips. I think it is a simple lip to accent the eye. Plus I have been experimenting with nudes because I am determined to find the perfect brown nude for my lips but I think as far as pink nudes, this is the lightest that I am going to go. The lips here is actually the NYX Mauve slim pencil with the NYX Lipgloss Miami babe. (I love the combos I can do with my NYX lip pencils)

To achieve this look I used my NYX Love in Rio palette (Still in love with this palette) and my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Amazing birthday gift from a bestie) but if you don’t have these it is still a fairly simple look to recreate. (If you want a video tutorial do not hesitate to let me know is the comment section.) All you need is a Pigmented Gold (Lid), Dark Brown (Crease), A shade to use as your transition color (Mines is NYX Dance in the Tides), an eyebrow highlight and Voila! Then you know the usual steps, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, powder and lips. This look also looks very nice with the Milani Sangria Matte Plum color. I unfortunately forgot to photograph that to show you guys. I will get better I promise.

What has been your go-to look this month?

Well until the next burst of thought… Sayonara

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