Fitness|I Learned Some Things!!!

Hey Loves,

A couple weeks ago I had my yearly doctor appointment where I learned that I not only gained weight but I was about 10 lbs. heavier than I was a year ago when I saw her. So she recommended that I see a dietitian which I did this week. So from time to time I will be sharing with you guys some of the tips that I have learned. Based off of this meeting my goals have changed just a little bit so here are my new stats:

1500 Calories a day (Tracking with fitness pal app)

One snack instead of 2 snacks a day

New Goal Weight: 164 lbs.

Need to Lose: 70 lbs.

Deadline: December 2014

I would like to go into 2015 a completely different person since 70 lbs. is like losing an entire child. I’ve been testing out different food combinations since I have never really been the one to track my calories and a lot of things I thought were okay were actually not. For instance my morning smoothie I make with my beauty blender is around 253 calories BEFORE I add yogurt or pineapples (which I have to completely ERASED out of my food plan. I also learned that my flat bread salads were only about 253 calories which is nowhere near what you should have for dinner.

At the end of the day if I was consistent with my meals and no cheats I was in taking approximately 1150 calories for the day. (Keep in mind you shouldn’t eat less than 1200/day) Then based on fitness pal I was burning about 750 of those calories at the gym. So by the time it was bed time I had 400 unused calories left to hold my body for 12 hours. Oh yeah I would eat breakfast at 6 am but I usually never eat dinner after 6 pm. A theory both the doc and I had was that my body was storing fats because it was like I was starving myself. So everything I thought was a good idea has pretty much been scratched out.

So what does this mean? Well for one my iheartfood and iheartfitness sections might actually have some content in them. I received a meal plan sample that just tells me what I need to have in each meal and how much of it I need.

March is a new month, new challenges, and a whole new approach. But like the little engine that could “I think I can” so let’s see how this presents itself.

So until the next burst of thought….Adios.

3 thoughts on “Fitness|I Learned Some Things!!!

  1. I’m seeing a dietician next month, my goal weight is the same as yours, I have 25 lbs to go, it’s been hard, a lot of set backs but I am trying to fight through, I look forward to reading your updates, you can do it girl!

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