Soap Box Rant| Rolling with the Winds

Hey Loves,

I apologize for the week of silence but I just got back from being offshore. What do I do you ask? Well as a safety engineer I make sure the offshore platforms are safe and following federal regulations. The weather has been pretty bad and therefore kept me stranded way longer than anticipated. I guess we can call this an “occupational hazard”. I can honestly say this is one part of my job that gives me mixed feelings. On one hand its all about keeping people safe but on the other hand… it’s all somehow political.

For now lets just focus on some of the things i realized last week. Whenever I go offshore there is always the hope that women are breaking through this imaginary door into the “mans world”. The particular thing i realized is the only people stopping us from stepping through is ourselves.

Seriously think about it, when I first started a year ago the excuses were it was difficult to accommodate me because it’s not normal for a female to be out here. Is that our problem….ABSOLUTELY NOT. The world is changing and therefore MAKE THEM CHANGE. We shouldn’t be stagnant because they have not considered the changes that are happening. So a year later and there is finally one girls bathroom on this platform. May not seem like much but that is progress.

But then this leads to my other question… is this even worth it. It is starting to get to the point where the idea of being a forerunner does not feel as rewarding anymore. I mean I understand that I should be making a way for my sisters but this is extremely struggling. Have you ever just been dealing with things only other women can understand but cant find a woman within a 300 mile radius because you are stranded out in the middle of the ocean? Then somehow your voice is always the one that gets silenced? Then you cant shake hands because they treat your hand like they just greeted the Queen of England. UGH!!

There have been multiple times where I have worked with men of various companies who will not look me in the eye or even shake my hand. Why do you ask? Well sadly they don’t think I should be out here with them. So this is extremely frustrating.

So until the next burst of thought….Adeiu

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