Week 1 Update | Fitness

Hey Loves,

Happy Monday!!!! Looks like I am back in the hotel for the week so I am currently trying to upload my video so I can post it tomorrow. If you haven’t experienced hotel wifi then let me tell you…It’s going to be awhile. So I decided to just tell you about what I did today in the “gym”. But first let me discuss my frustration with this “gym”. I quote it because 1. I left my home gym stuff, well, at home. 2. I felt like a criminal trying to get the door to open. 3. All they had was cardio equipment and some dumbells..not even mats. So this is what I did:

I used the Pandora “Hip Hop and Pop Workout station”

30 minutes on the Elliptical

3 sets of:

  •          12 10 lb. Concentration Curls
  •          10 20 lb. Tricep Extensions
  •          12 10 lb. Bicep Curls
  •          10 5 lb. “Shoulder Combo”
  •          20 Crunches
  •          25 bicycle crunches
  •          10 20 lbs side dips

Fairly short workout (Around an hour) since I went to the “gym” around 7 pm. I definitely will be working out earlier tomorrow. Today was Arms and Abs so Tomorrow will be Legs and Back.

That’s my update for the day. So until the next burst of thought…Adios.

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