First Impression | Black Radiance BB Cream

Hey Loves,

Day 3 of Hotel stay is a success. My calves are still burning from my hour on the elliptical, but that’s not what I came to talk about. What I came to talk about is the Black Radiance BB cream. I found it at the Walmart here and I bought it because I left my makeup case at my friend’s house who lives 3 hours away from here. TERRIBLE!!! I know so I wanted a game changer. I have been recommended to try Iman’s BB cream but I am having some trouble finding it since ULTA no longer sells it. So here is my first impression about the BLACK RADIANCE BB CREAM:


Where did I buy it? I bought it from Wal-Mart

How did it look in the store? It came with mascara so that’s always a plus since I have nothing right now.

How much did I pay? $4.95

What Shade Did I Get? Light “Coffee Glaze”

What does it smell like? Like Clinique foundation

When I put it on my skin it felt like nothing that I didn’t like about it. It is a good BB cream in my opinion so far but let’s be clear I have only used it once. I also used the Mascara as well and I can say it’s not a lengthen mascara but it does separate the lashes pretty well. I will start doing my reviews and first impressions.


So until the next burst of guys enjoy your night.

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