My Fitness Journey| Week 2 Update

Hey Loves,

How is your day going? It is definitely a great day for me. Why do you ask? Because I am 2.6 lbs. down BABY!! Yep that’s right I lost 2.6 lbs. At first I expected to lose a little more (Preferably so I can start reaping from my rewards program) but any weight loss is great weight loss. What’s even better is I have lost some inches off parts of my body as well. As far as favorite meal for the week it’s definitely Zoe’s Kitchen’s Grilled Chicken dinner. Even though I had a recent shock when I went online to look up the nutritional value of the meal and it was 700+ calories. So in order for me to be able to indulge I made sure that my lunches consisted of light chicken wraps and fruits.

A definite surprising accomplishment was that I decided to make my workouts completely cardio based and such I decided to double my cardio. I also moved from the normal machine to the elliptical. So while watching “Naked and Afraid” (BTW really weird show) I pushed out 4.1 miles. Granted I was about to die when I got off the machine I definitely had a great celebration.

As far as this week I am trying something new. I plan on switching up my cardio instead of staying on the same machine for the entire time. I tried that today and whew I could not get through the last 15 minutes but I should by the end of these weeks. In regards to meal prepping I have tried something new with my chicken breasts. Garlic salt was the only salt I used but I even submerged it in lemon and then water. So while that’s baking I am updating you guys now and getting ready to make a video to let you guys know what’s happening.

This week I am focusing harder on cardio. My meals this week will be salads and tuna sandwiches. I am feeling kind of lazy so I do not really want to do anything else. For my chicken this week I used Garlic Salt, Red Peppers, Celery and Black Pepper. I figured since they are just going into my salad it should not be that much.

I hope when I step on the scale I happily say I am 5 lbs. down and I can get my thigh high socks ( So until the next burst of thought…Sayonara.

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