College Tips |The Stress Killer


So I am sitting here trying to relax and keep my days from being extremely hectic. It’s not that I can’t handle all the tasks being thrown at me. It’s the mere fact that stress causes so many problems. Lately I have been slacking and letting my “to-do” lists pile up to the point where I am rushing to do everything or not meeting the deadline. That’s unnecessary stress I have put on myself and its 100% preventable.

One thing I did learn from college is stress can destroy everything and even put you further behind. (Yes took me 5 years to grasp this concept) Stress for me causing multiple issues and most of them are physical. First signs of overstress usually show up on my face: MAJOR ACNE and its usually in the worst places like right in the middle of my nose (Rudolph) or taking up a large area on my cheek. I start getting migraines almost daily and everything starts to hurt. I stop sleeping so I wake up every morning with less energy that when I went to bed. My weight even started to suffer when I was stress and not sleeping well. So in my opinion stress just causes a waterfall of events that if not handled can eventually be catastrophic.

So what’s the point of me saying all of this? Well my younger sister inspired it, she is in her final semester of college and is pretty much stressing out to the max so because I have been through it here are my tips and advice to make it through:

  1. STICK TO DEADLINES – Make personal deadlines for things and set time aside just for that task. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to do everything at once. It’s better to take it one step at a time.
  2. FINISH AHEAD IF POSSIBLE – If you received an assignment weeks in advance make time to handle it as soon as possible. Trust me you don’t want to be the last person trying to work on an assignment that was given really early. Teachers usually have the least amount of sympathy for excuses with those.
  3. HAVE A SUPPORT GROUP – My support group was also my study group. So my suggestion is get yourself around some people in your classes and who understand what you are going through. For some reason I found it extremely aggravating when I was stressing and someone who didn’t understand would try to tell me “it’s not that bad”.
  4. REMEMBER THE END GOAL – Getting that degree is your end goal, everything in between is just fluff so don’t panic. So remember all the long nights and exams have that end result of feeling like you conquered the world.
  5. PERFECTLY OKAY TO CRY – I cannot tell you how many times I cried in the bathroom at the engineering school just to relieve the tension going on in my brain. Not the cute cries you see in movies but the straight UGLY face cry that you want no one to see. Most of the time your support group will understand. My group even provided the tissue and the clean paper to start over.
  6. EATING JUNK FOOD IS NOT A COPING MECHANISM – The one mistake I made in college was with my eating. First of all I was eating at the most ridiculous hours of the day and then it was nothing that was good for me. If you are eating at 2 am the only thing open is McDonalds, and when you are on broke college kid $$ it’s that dollar menu. Try your hardest to avoid snacking just to eat. Chew gum and drink water when you get this urge or snack healthier. Only eat when you are actually hungry.
  7. TAKE SOME “YOU” TIME- No one can just keep going 24/7, no matter what you tell yourself. So be sure to take some time out for just you. Read a book; take a hot bubble bath or both. Go for a run to let off steam (Double the joys of a rockin bod and stress relief). I had days where I would sleep past sunrise (Yes that was considered a delight for me) and then stay in bed an extra hour in silence. Whatever gives you peace make time to do it.
  8. DO NOT COMPARE YOUR LIFE TO OTHERS – Everyone you meet has a purpose and so their lives will be different. You will drive yourself insane trying to figure out how “Molly” is going out partying Thursday thru Sunday and then come to class and be the curve breaker. Let “Molly” do what she does and you just focus on you. She isn’t going to do your assignments and I highly doubt she cares about your life so stop worrying about hers.
  9. FAMILY – Whatever your definition of family is don’t forget they are your ultimate support system. Sometimes just going home for a quick visit can set you back on track. If you can’t get home there are plenty of ways to communicate (Facetime, Skype) so just talk to them and find your center again.
  10. TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND STOP DOUBTING – Remember you are more than capable of knocking any exam, project, or assignment out the ball park. You studied and you came prepared so no psyching yourself out. Take a deep breath (I like to pray) and then get to whatever you need to accomplish.

So that’s what I learned in college. I will be happy to answer any questions you have so just leave them in the comments section. Also if you are looking for something to read while you take a mental break my previous blogs (HINT HINT: Fitness Update Week 2) is a great place to start. Or even my YouTube channel (Iheartbri). J (WHO BETTER TO PUSH THAN ME RIGHT)

So until the next burst of thought…Adieu

5 thoughts on “College Tips |The Stress Killer

  1. This is a great post. Awesome points with #8 bring the one I tell my daughters and friends most often. Guided meditation helps me so much; it takes my negative energy and refocuses it. xx

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