My Fitness Journey| Update Week 3

Hey Loves,
So as you can see…no thigh high socks this week. I only lost 0.6 lbs and I am not going to lie I am a little disappointed. BUT AGAIN any weight loss is good weight loss so I am just going to not do what I did last week. So let’s do the typical breakdown shall we:

What went right last week? – Well judging from my results I would normally say nothing but that is not entirely true. Exercise wise I surprised myself since I went to the gym every day and I did not slack at all.

What went wrong last week? – It was all in my eating and I was fully aware of that. Honestly I have come to realize that my eating will be my demise if I don’t stay diligent. The bad thing is I am completely aware of this and I will eat what I want sometimes. By no means am I making excuses but I am not surprised I barely lost anything. Also last week I had my morning snack but was never hungry for my mid afternoon snack like I usually am.

So what happens this week? – I am going to just stick to my original meals. I am however going to be cooking my veggies for dinner every day. I am having spinach and asparagus this week and I prefer them fresh and not microwaved. The goal this week is 3+ pounds so I will fight the urge to have a Reese’s Egg or some of those yummy EASTER jelly beans.
I like having to keep you all updating because it holds me accountable. I do not ever want to have to report that I gained weight. So in a way thank you for the extra push, but I have a bonus. I will be updating another video for this week that is something girly and not sweat related.

So until the next burst of thought….God Bless You All!

2 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey| Update Week 3

    1. I was originally doing that and feeling quite happy with myself but then I went to the doctor and realized my weight could be the reason for the body pains. So I am trying really hard to get down weight now.

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