LOTD|Crawfish Festival

Hey Loves,

One of the best parts of spring is the large amounts of festivals that happen within Houston. I really like going to them because sometimes they are things I would never normally do. Due to training I unfortunately missed the food truck festival so there was no way I was going to miss the Crawfish Festival, BUT what to wear. Rather simple really since the weather was pretty iffy and no one was really sure if it was Imagegoing to be rained out. I’m getting better at the whole “Entire Look” thing so bear with me since this is the first one I am actually sharing with you. So for the actually outfit I tried to keep it really
simple. Personally I love wearing black it just slims me and makes me feel like everything is looking right even though sometimes it’s not.

The Outfit Details:

  • 1. Sheer White Blouse with a “peek a boo” back (JCPenney) worn with a regular everyday black tank top
  •  2. Black Jeggings from New York and Company. Honestly if you have never owned a pair of jeggings your life is missing so much. So comfortable and the fit is always perfect
  • 3.Black Merona Sandals (Target): I got them during a BOGO sale at Target. I love sales and love/hate Target. J

For accessories I kept is extremely simple. I used my Coach wristlet (Present from Mom awhile back) and these interesting earrings I got from Charming Charlie’s awhile back. Image


The Makeup Details:

  • 1. Clinique BB Cream (Shade 4) & yes I used my sample containers for travel cases
  • 2. ELF Body Glow
  • 3. Clinique Pressed Powder
  • 4. Almay Color Trio for Brown Eyes
  • 5. NYX Powder Blush (Terra Cotta)
  • 6. Maybelline Baby Lips (Sheer Mint)
  • 7. Black Radiance Full Effect Mascara (Black)
  • 8. ELF EX-tra Lipgloss (Michael)
  • 9. NYX KOHL eyeliner pencil (Brown)
  • 10. ELF Eyebrow Gel

For accessories I kept is extremely simple. I used my Coach wristlet (Present from Mom awhile back) and these interesting earrings I got from Charming Charlie’s awhile back.


So that was my look and I have to apologize because that day was extremely hectic and I actually forgot to take a full body picture. Yeah I know what’s the point of sharing if I don’t show you how I put it together but I did manage to take a photo at Sam’s club while I was patiently waiting for them to fix my tires. (TOOK FOREVER BTW) Sadly as you can see I had only been outside of my apt for about 3 hours and my nose was already beginning to shine like a bright evening star. You can at least see the earrings that I actually like. I felt that since the earrings were pretty loud there was no point to add anything else.  Overall the festival and the good people I enjoyed it with was well worth the overwhelming allergy attack I experienced. Even though next time I will probably dope up on some Claritin before I go out there.  So until the next burst of thought or until I decide to share with you what I am wearing don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel. She is a work in progress but I would really love to see you all subscribe and help a sista out.

Have a Blessed Day! XoXo Bri


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