100 Mile Cardio Challenge


Long time no speak, I must apologize these past weeks have been bonkers!!!  I went to training, had my finals and flew off to FL to see my sister graduate (GO NOLES) so blogging was put on the back burner. As we speak I am currently  looking up music to accompany some of the videos that are pre recorded and ready to start getting edited. Yes I will be doing a Week 5-7 video just because you guys deserve it all. So hopefully tonight I find a song that can bring some life to my videos.

So I am on a mission to be down 15 lbs. by the end of MAY and I have a challenge for everyone. It’s the 100 mile May Cardio Challenge. Here are the rules:

  1. You have until the end of May (May 31) to reach 100 miles of cardio (Preferably a bike but just get active)
  2. Tweet me (@iheartbrilove) your daily success and don’t forget the #iheartbrichallenge
  3. Measure your body and see where you are so we can see if there is a change at the end of May
  4. Get your friends on it.

That’s it. Its that simple so I am putting the challenge out of you all. I did 7 miles today so I say join the party.

So until the next burst of thought….Adios

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