Fitness Update | Week 6 & 7

Hey Loves,

Check out the update video:

Ok so I am going to recap you guys about weeks 6-7. Week 6 I was in New Orleans for training and it was time to remember how to swim. The struggle was O so real in the beginning. So the first day of this cardio burn I did 10 miles. I felt like I was such a baller like “check me out im killin em” thinking that I did some crazy mileage. Well come to find out I barely scratched the surface since you need 33 laps to get 1 mile. So after that let down I strived to get better and day 2 I did. While I was racing grandpa phelps (Yes grandpa was killing me) I managed 16 laps. I was proud of myself because I was halfway there. The last and final day of swimming I did 22 laps. No I never reached a mile but I felt that effort in every part of my body. The strain was taken off my knees but still I had worked muscles I don’t normally work. As far as food I was not really hungry but when I was I stuck to Subway and Zoe’s Kitchen. After all that work I gained a pound. It wasn’t an epic failure in my mind but I was still disappointed.
Week 7 I traveled AGAIN..not for business… but for my sister’s college graduation. (GO NOLES) So to compensate for my inability to really meal plan or anything I made the decision to decrease my calorie count for the weekend. Did this idea actually work and did I follow though? HECK NO. Thursday when I got there my sister and I went to my old wing spot and I devoured like 15 wings (Carolina Gold is my kryptonite). Thursday and Friday breakfast was a veggie omelet and then French toast and bacon, respectively. Friday’s Lunch was a chicken philly and fries from Charlie’s Steakery and Dinner (after the waitress kept forgetting us and we left) was pizza!!! That pizza and soda tasted amazing while I was eating but after my 4th slice I got extremely guilty and started worrying about the pounds I just ate. Saturday I enjoyed a cherry glazed salmon at BJs so I was very proud of myself. Unfortunately that also meant with no snacks that I was starving by dinner time. So what did I eat then you….cake. Let’s just say the duration of my trip I may have worked out successfully in a gym only one of those mornings. I did participate in some canoeing and we walked around a lot. Even went to the pool for a while but all I could think about this Tuesday morning was stepping on the scale. I just knew that it was going to completely screw me up.
So when I stepped on the scale on Tuesday Morning….i lost 2.5 lbs. CRAZY RIGHT! Giving my body a break from everything actually helped. Granted I will not being doing that again in the near future but that made me do my happy feet dance for a second. So that puts me at 6.8 lbs down. It was not my 10 lbs goal that I set for the end of April BUT its still weight loss.
What a great way to kick off May in my opinion. The goal this month is to be down 15 lbs. So I have about 8 lbs to goal. Totally doable in one month, right? I also just kicked up my 100 mile cardio challenge (click here to see the details on that) and I am going to do the dreaded measurement comparison:
January 13, 2014 May 9, 2014 Difference
Neck 14.75 14.5 -0.25
Bust 38 37 -1.0
Stomach 43.5 42.5 -1.0
Waist 40.5 40.5 0
Butt 50 49 -1.0
R. Thigh 30.5 31.5 +1.0
L.Thigh 30.5 31.5 +1.0
R. Arm 14 13.75 -0.25
L. Arm 14 13.75 -0.25
R.Calf 16.5 16.5 0
L.Calf 16.5 16.5 0

So until the next burst of thought (sorry for it being so long)
P.S.- Whose joining me on this 100 mile cardio challenge?

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