My Fitness Journey Update | Week 9

Hey Loves,

So yet again it’s a beautiful Sunday evening and somethings have not changed. The super anxiety of weighing in is ridiculous. So after some deliberation I may be reporting the weight every 2 weeks because I think it is starting to have a negative effect of my feelings for working out. I can honestly say this has been a trying week just for my motivation. I have been feeling really down on myself. The motivation I had in the beginning which was only a couple months ago isn’t the same that I have now. I keep imagining myself to have results further than where I am. And that alone is extremely discouraging. So I have decided that I may only do videos revealing my milestones (Every 5 lbs.) and I just really need to optimize my workouts. Even though its 7 pm I think after AMAZING RACE I will be hitting the gym for a last minute workout. Or not it pretty much depends on my life.

Progression to Today:

So did I actually go workout last night…no instead I got a good couple of hours of sleep. This morning I woke up and reluctantly stepped on the scale and closed my eyes. To my surprise I am 226 which put me back down 2 lbs. The shock further proves my theory of either super happy or extreme angry from the scale. I am 7.6 lbs. down so I am pushing closer to be 10 lbs. down. Why do I feel like being 10 lbs. down will make things easier I have no idea but I am dying to get there.  My meals for this week will be on their own personal entry tomorrow as I am I making them today (Late grocery run)

For the iheartbri challenge: I have completed 66.5 miles so I have 11 days to reach 100. Today alone I murdered 11 miles, granted it took me an hour but that’s beside the point. All and all I am going to keep doing the same thing I did last week and focusing like  a crazy person on the calories. My next update fitness video will be when I finally reach 10lbs.

OO and I forgot if you want to specifically see any weekly update check the “iheartfitness” section and I have linked all the blog entries so you won’t have to search.

What do you do to keep motivated even when you don’t see the results you were hoping for?

So until the next burst of thought…Sayonara

2 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey Update | Week 9

  1. Since I started my lifestyle change, I have been losing 4lbs a week for the most part for a whole month. Then this month, it’s been about 2-3lbs a week and then 2 weeks ago I did not lose anything. I was really sad about that but I kept telling myself that I went from 190.5lbs to 174.5lbs and that is a great accomplishment. That’s 16lbs. So to keep motivated I remind myself of my success but I also remind myself I have 39.5 lbs to go so I have to stay with it!

    Losing weight and being healthy is a hard journey but we can do it! I’m so happy for your progress girl!

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