Memorial Day

Hey Loves,

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and i want to thank all the men and women who fight for us on a daily basis so that I can sit here and write my thoughts.Have you ever just stopped and thought about the freedoms we have that would not be possible if we lived in other countries? Just the freedom and ability to speak your mind is something people are still fighting for. As a woman I can wake up in the morning and make my own decisions. I have a career that I worked hard to get and my life is not defined by the men in my life. So I praise God for all my soldiers.

So if you see someone today who has served please make sure you thank them for their sacrifice. Of course since I grew up as a military (Marine) brat today is a special day for my family.

The person that I am today was molded from a Marine who moved his family out the country and his awesome wife who showed me how strong a Marine woman really is. So thats my Memorial Day rant/salute.

Semper Fi!!

One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. Hoorah!!! Proud men and women of the service, thank u too for protecting this country and for defending the justice of other countries. God bless All of you

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