Introducing My Hair

Hey Loves,

Introducing my hair…my natural hair… of course what you see is a fresh twist out post gym but it was hair day so i figured I would let you guys see it. So i guess I should answer all the questions that are normally assoImageciated with natural hair.Image

  What’s my “natural story” ?

 Well I don’t really have one. It kind of just happened.

When was your last relaxer?

Fall 2011 for my cousin’s wedding was the last time I remember getting a relaxer.

Why didn’t I continue you ask?

Well there are multiple reasons with the top 2 being #1 I DID NOT want to spend my hard earned money on more relaxers #2 Getting someone to put the relaxer in (since I was constantly at war with my sister/roommate. ) Not to mention it was my LAST SEMESTER OF ENGINEERING UNDERGRAD. Ain’t nobody got time to be worried about my new growth.

Did you Big Chop?

Nope I knew I was not ready for such a drastic change. So I literally wore wigs from that point on and just washed my hair every weekend. I just did a complete transition and trimmed my hair as the process went.

How did I manage my hair?

Back then I was using Suave Professionals and wearing braidouts on the weekend. Now of course things have changed.

How long was my relaxed hair?

Before I ended up with this decision my hair was shoulder length. I took care of my hair so it was extremely healthy but compared to my natural hair it was super thin. My hair now is actually longer now then it was with a perm and I never did the big chop.


So I think I will be officially opening up my “ihearthair” section of my blog for all my current everythings. My current routine, my current products, my current recipes. Right now my hair is about collar bone length so by the end of the summer I hope to be bra length. So check out my current routine section for what I plan on doing each month. Check out the current products section for the list of things I am using right now as my staples and of course that also means check the current recipes for the stuff I don’t buy at the store. Keep in mind these will be updated periodically with pictures and other things as time progresses.I will let you guys know via facebook and twitter when I make the updates.

So stay tuned!!!…..BYE BYE


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