Challenge Accepted and Conquered

Hey Loves,

For those of you who are just starting to follow my blog (thank you very much btw), in the month of May my mom challenged me to do 100 total miles of cardio on the stationary bike. At first I figured this would never be done and plus being on a vacation at the beginning of May, I didn’t actually start the challenge until May 6. However as of May 29, I not only reached 100 but I surpassed it. My total cardio bike miles for the month of May:

111.23 miles

               So now in the month of June here are my challenges: 150 miles of cardio on the bike and an abs challenge I found on Pinterest: (Check out my fitness board on pinterest..Just click the P symbol on the top right corner of this page)


So who is joining me? It’s actually really fun especially if you already work out. Plus when you meet the challenge you feel pretty amazing at the end and it makes you want to keep going. And now I challenge you…what are you challenging yourself for the next 30 days?

Well guys keep a look out for my week 11 update and May measurements, until the next burst of thought…. GET PUMPED!

XO Bri

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