As Seen on Pinterest| Foot Soak

Hey Loves,

So this weekend I was being cheap and lazy. I know I need a pedicure but do I really have to get up and go to the nail salon to get my soft feet or is there a secret I haven’t learned? I’m sure we have all had those moments and where do we turn?

PINTEREST and look what I found….

 foot soak

So I have listerine and I have white vinegar so LET’s try it. I can definitely describe my feet right now as “in need of some TLC yet just don’t feel like becoming foot product junkie” feet. Especially the heels of my feet, they aren’t just rough but they even looked rough. Like no matter how much lotion I put on them throughout the day they have the tendency to look almost ashy. Ridiculous right!? So I follow these instructions. The top photo you see is the before and the bottom is after.

Foot Soak

Did it work? NO. Granted since I just soaked my feet they were a little softer but the entire process was a fail. After the 10 minutes of soaking my feet in this concoction it left a gross film all around my feet. I actually had to go sit my feet in the tub and rub it all off with a puma stone. NO BUENO!!

My feet still felt the same and when my feet finally dried they looked exactly the same. So yeah that was a complete waste of time. THANK YOU PINTEREST (or whomever decided to post these LIES) So yeah I will still be waiting until I earn my pedicure though my rewards program and just start using vaseline and socks at night. The struggle is kind of real but it’s not going to stop me. Maybe I can find something else on Pinterest that can aid in my quest of lazy endeavors.

Are there any Pinterest hacks you would like me to try? Go ahead and leave a comment and let me know.

So until the next burst of thought…. Sayonara!

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