IMAN BB Cream Review

Hey Loves,

I have been meaning to review some products especially the ones I would find beneficial to summer. Such as the product I am referring to here: the IMAN BB cream. I am not going to lie I originally hesitated in buying this even though I have really never heard anyone have any issues with IMAN cosmetics. I AM GLAD I GOT OVER MY FEAR. To my chocolate ladies looking for lighter liquid makeup, this BB cream doesn’t disappoint. It’s been in my collection for about a month and I have had no complaints. Here are the stats for this:

IMAN BB Creamphoto 1 (6)
Color| Clay Medium Deep
Claim| Skin Tone Evener
Sunscreen| SPF 15
Net Wt.| 1.0 oz.
Store| Walmart

It is a buildable BB cream but I like the glow that it gives my face. I have gotten a lot of compliments about how pretty my skin is. At first I just took that as me having flawless skin but then I had to remember that I was wearing things. I actually prefer this BB cream over my BLACK RADIANCE  BB cream. It has longer stay power. For some reason lately the BR BB cream has started making my face feel super oily. Even after I touch up it still looks a mess or it looks like I am sliding away. I have even had this issue when using my awesome Milk of Magnesia. It’s what’s happening people. I have switched but I still go back to my Maybelline BB cream as well. These 2 (and my NYX Tinted Moisturizer…review coming soon) will be my go to summer face products.  I recommend this product. IMAN has a lot of colors to choose from and NO it not just chocolate girl friendly. They represent ALL WOMEN OF COLORS.

So until the next burst of thought…Thank You so Much for reading.

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