My Go-To Fitness Apps

Hey Loves,

While on the journey to become a healthier person I have had my share of gadgets and such that would aid me on this adventure. By that I mean all types of stuff. Heart rate bands, watches, anything that I saw on blogs and such I was willing to try (Absolutely amazing how the mind can be persuaded) One of the few gadgets that have been working wonders for me aren’t really gadgets at all. They are APPS…yep there is an app (or few) to help with your fitness. Here are my favorite fitness apps that I actually use right now:

1. myfitnesspal


 This is the app that a lot of my friends and family were suggesting that I use when I was just kind of winging my calorie intake. It wasn’t until I went to speak to a dietician that I realized how off I really was with what I was doing. This app is great in terms of food. It lets you calculate calories for an entire recipe so if you meal prep like me, you can put in the exact amount you used to make the whole thing and then seperate it into its weekly containers and it will tell how many calories per servings. O and my favorite part about this app, you can just scan the barcode of items and it will input all the nutritional facts for you. No more guessing and hoping you didnt intake too many carbs or large amounts of sodium. It keeps track of your daily nutritional goals as well. For me the hardest has been my daily intake of carbs (Not eliminating them but moderating them). As far as the exercises go I use it as a base because it does not could calories for weight lifting so just keep that in mind. I would have to wear a heart rate monitor to really get an accurate calorie count.

2. Interval Timer

interval-timer This app is AMAZEBALLS!!! I do a lot of exercises based on a set time and rest period so I can keep my heart rate up and optimize my time at the gym. Especially planks, squats, bike, running (Just to name a few) have crucial time goals I am trying to acheive. THIS APP helps me do that. You can set different routines depending on your workout. For example for planks I do 3 sets of 30 seconds and then 30 seconds of rest. So you set it for 3 intervals with the high at 30 seconds and the low at 30 seconds. You set it up to make a sound and/or vibrate when its time to stop and start. I have it set to both since it works better for me when I cant see the time. If you have never tried HIIT interval training or just timed exercises you are missing out on some serious burn. Okay I am done ranting about how great this app is. @diamondcutfit88 (Fitness competitor…GO FOLLOW HER ON IG>>AMAZING) told me about it and I will continue to thank her for it. lol

3. Pandora Radio

pandoraAs I am sure you guys have already been using for year…THE PANDORA RADIO APP. I prefer a certain kind of music when I work out that has me keeping a beat and focusing on my murdering a set rather than wanting to give up and sit on the floor. So I listen to the “Hip Hop and Pop Workout Station” , “Uncle Luke Radio” (What you know about that), “Crunk Radio” (Yep gets me hype ) pretty much any station that keeps a constant tempo and helps me keep rhythm. Even if you don’t have unlimited data (Which I do not lol) you can still use this app since most gyms have wifi. However for a word of advice  I recommend cutting off your cellular data while in the gym listening to this because sometimes you will lose signal and you wont even notice that its now killing your data. Trust me I have done it before and man was I hot when I realized it. It may have to buffer but wouldn’t you rather have that then a phone bill.

4. MapMyRun

mapmyrunThis app is exactly what the title implies. It maps your runs as in tells you how far you run since it keeps track of your location like GPS. Since it’s July my challenge to myself is running (or even walking) 3 miles 3 times a week and I use this app when I am not on the treadmill and enjoy fresh air. You can even set goals and it will talk to you to help you keep on track to reach that goal during the run. This app also allows for you to play your music through the app. You wont have to worry about looking down at your phone or anything because it will keep you posted on your distance based on what you told it.

So these are my top 4 apps I use when I work out. Do you guys use any other ones? Let me know in the comments.

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