Some College Freshman Advice

Hey Loves,

So it’s about that time again. All the stores are starting their “back to school” campaigns and the summer of random awesomeness is over for those high school graduates. So that means the next thing for some is COLLEGE. I remember the anxiety/excitement I felt about going to college and making something of myself. However; I was definitely winging it and there are somethings I wish someone would have just sat me down and been like “LOOK THIS IS VITAL”. So I decided to pose the question to friends and family members who have gone through it. This is the best advice we could come up with and honestly they are all good pieces of wisdom to take with you into your freshman year.


  1. “If your main goal of going to college is not to graduate you are wasting everyone’s time. It’s vital to get those As and get that GPA up from the start so when you get to your harder classes you have some wiggle room. Also try to get those summer internships, they will make a world of a difference senior year”
  2. “Remember that there is a lot of temptation and people out there telling you things you think you want to hear but open your eyes because some of it should be avoided at all cost. “ Translation (From every one of my guy friends who responded) LEAVE THEM HOES ALONE. This applies to ladies as well. Take your time. If it’s real love it will blossom so there is no need to rush into anything.
  3. “Make friends with your teachers, even the ones you don’t like…you will need recommendations later”
  4. “Balance is key. It’s okay to be a bookworm but don’t think that by going out….you will flunk. As long as you have a balance you can still make A’s and have some fun. All work and no play will do nothing but cause ugly cry moments in the bathroom”
  5. “These other kids around are just as lost and confused about the world as you are. Everybody’s faking it so don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t make choices based of their opinions of you”
  6. “College can be stressful, having a support/study group can make a world of a difference”
  7. “The best way to really expand your circle and start making memories is by joining clubs, organizations and just remaining active with events”
  8. “College is a time to get to grow as a person, don’t let people talk you out of doing something. New experiences help shape who you are. So step out of your comfort zone. It can only be uncomfortable for so long. ”
  9. “Be more open to forming friendships with people but don’t be afraid if you lose some connections while you are figuring out who you are and what you believe in”
  10. “Be upfront with your roommates. You have to live together and if something is bothering you just let them know one on one not accusing and talk it out like adults first instead of holding a grudge and letting it built up”
  12. “The easiest way to avoid the dreaded freshman 15 is to eat healthy. A healthy lifestyle makes a world of a difference for your skin, your attitude and your overall wellbeing. So fast food is still the wrong food.

Well of course there is a lot more we could share with you but I think this should be a good start for you. So remember college is a wonderful experience IF YOU MAKE it that way. So have fun, make memories and some best friends. College taught me more outside of the classroom than inside of the classes. One thing I forgot to say is be yourself. You will find such a variety of people and even at times judge yourself but there is only one YOU. So who better to rock you than YOU? If you have any questions or anything else that you would like to know about college feel free to leave a comment down below.

So until the next burst of thought….Adios

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