Happy Monday

Hey Loves,

On yet another glorious Monday I have been doing what typical Mondays are all about…WORK WORK WORK! Even though for me I am playing catch up since I took 2 days off to go to TAMPA for the weekend. I must say the more I endure the blazing humid destructor heat of Houston the more and more I miss the beautiful state that is Florida. Plus I have some friends and family there so that’s always a plus.

One problem I have had because of my traveling is weight gain on the following Monday. It’s to the point where I am actually expecting it and do not have my hopes up for a minus sign anymore. So this morning after my morning reading/meditation (if you don’t do this you are sleep lol literally) and I stepped on the scale and it actually said -1.5 lbs. HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN? I am not even going to lie we had no time for sleep and exercise. So it was clearly all on my eating. I stuck to my Greek yogurt snacks or no snacks at all. I kept away from munching off other peoples plates and when we did eat at restaurants I opted for the healthier choices and stayed far far away from the bahamarita (which is loaded with sugar) I also did not bring home leftovers. I have a tendency to eat leftovers at the most random hours of the night when I am on vacation. 

So yeah I decided I would share that with you guys and I also wanted to say that since tomorrow is Tuesday keep a lookout for a new video/blog. And I will give you a hint with what it’s about….lips….

So until the next time….xoxo

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