Fitness Gear | Yurbuds Headphone Review

Hey Loves,

As we all know I am currently on one of the most terrifying, time consuming, exciting, nerve racking adventures of my life…. TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. Luckily this brings lots and lots of ammo in terms of things to write about. Today I am here reviewing a set of headphones I purchased about a month ago.

photo 1 So while sitting in walmart aimlessly reading and searching for a pair of headphones I will use strictly for working out I decided to get the YURBUDS sports earbuds. Multiple things drew me to
these part of headphones. Number 1 I love the color combination. Number 2 I liked the fact that they were smaller size earphones since one of my main problems is just trying to find headphones that fit. Number 3….which is muy muy importante is the fact that it claims to NEVER FALL OUT. I don’t know about you guys but I cannot STAND when I working out or running and I have to constantly fiddle with my headphones because they come out.  From that point I decided I HAVE TO TRY THIS OUT.

So here are the specifications:

  • Adjustable for Secure Fit
  • Soft Medical-grade Silicone for Comfortable Fit
  • Natural Fit with Multiple Sizes (only came with 2)
  • Durable 4 ft cord
  • Angled Flex-Plug
  • Allows Ambient Sounds
  • $30
  • photo 3


So after about a month of using these bad boys I can conclude so things:

Pros: They actually fit my ear. I like the way it wraps around my ear and I have never had an issue when doing cardio when it comes to my headphones. I fit the smaller size ear buds. As promised they have not fallen out my ear yet

Cons: I had to get used to wearing them because the part that wraps around the ear was a little uncomfortable. I don’t recommend wearing glasses and the headphones at the same time because it proves to be extremely difficult at first. The cord gets wrapped around my weights sometimes.  The one somewhat annoying feature of these headphones are the adjustable parts since sometimes when adjusting they disconnect from the ear bud.

Is it worth it?

Yep I am very happy with my purchase. The cons definitely do not outweigh the awesomeness of these headphones. My next set though will hopefully be bluetooth.

What kind of headphones do you use?

Until the next burst of thought….Adios


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