Pantene Pro-V Cowash |First Impression

Hey Loves,

DSCN0647As you all saw in my hair haul video I got a full size cowash from Pantene Pro-V. Which means that I had to try it almost immediately. I assumed that cowash was just a fancy word for the conditioner but with a lot of naturals the name can make you think its something else. So I did a little research in my local walmart.

Whats the difference between and conditioner and cowash?

The only difference between the co-wash and deep conditioner is the fact that the cowash cleanses. So in my opinion it’s just conditioner. BUT that did not stop me from using it.

Instead of pre-conditioning my hair (since I cowash/condition my hair once a week) I decided to just “wash” my hair with the Pantene. The consistency of the liquid was thick like a conditioner and so when i put it on my hair it gave me a good amount of slick to detangle my hair. I did not even have to use my shower comb. However when I washed it out, it left my hair feeling a little “stringy”. The best way I can describe this you remember when you used to use those shampoos with the hard chemicals and you would put a lot on to make it sud and then when you washed it out your hair had a “sleek” feel to it. Since this was the my first time using it I figured I would just let the water wash it out completely and then see how my hair felt.

Did it really do it’s job?

Yes I think it did. I have a lot of buildup from the sweat mixing with hair products when I LOC my hair and sometimes it even smells but luckily the Pantene took care of that.

Would I buy this for myself?

To be honest I am not sure if I would have gone to the store and bought this product on my own. Pantene used to be my go-to shampoo/conditioner but I have been experimenting a lot with conditioners. Plus when I co wash im still heavily addicted to Suave Professional and my Trader Joes.

Am I going to use it again?

MOST DEFINITELY. I did not find anything wrong with the cowash as long as I followed it with a hair masque like I always do. (Review for some hair masque coming soon)


So there you go another hair product review. Is there a product or something you would like to see reviewed? Leave a comment down in the comments.

I hope you all have a blessed day….xoxo


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