Where have I been?

Hey Loves,

Long time no see. Well….not really it’s been about a week of silence. I’m sure by now you have figured out that a week of silence is usually because of something involving my job. If you thought this then you are definitely correct. I had week long training plus two a days to help reach my goals this month. So now that I am back I will try again as usual to obtain some kind of schedule and actually stick to it. Should be easy right? (Fingers crossed)

So to hold myself accountable here is what you should be expecting from me:

  • Review on Soleus Go!
  • New Kitchen Appliance
  • Tips on Meal Prepping
  • Fitness Update
  • Tips for Starting to Live a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Hair Chat | Let’s Talk Alcohols
  • Lipstick Review
  • August Favorites
  • How I CoWash My Hair


As far as which ones will have videos…well I guess you will just have to keep watching to find out. I promise I am going to get this right guys if it’s the last thing I do.

Well until the next time loves… Au Revoir

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