Fitness Chat | Mental Plateau

Hey Loves,

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     Since this seems to be something that I talk about a lot I decided to continue since I can only really offer advice for things that I have personally gone through or are going through. This year I made it my mission to embark on a journey of self-love and acceptance. One way I am embracing who I am, is by making sure that I am the best physical me that I can be. So for that I have been on this weight loss journey while transforming my life into a healthier lifestyle. For the past couple of months I was originally doing weekly updates and letting you guys know how things were going. At first it started off great but then things started flip flopping and I stopped making videos and in July I pretty much stopped letting you guys know what was happening at all. I do apologize but I went through a major…how shall we say…MENTAL PLATEAU/BLOCK. I because extremely angry at the entire process and the fact that I could not even meet monthly goals. I started to say things like “maybe I just need to accept fat me and move on cause all of this isn’t working” or “what is the point of working this hard for absolutely no results?” Yeah I went ghost because I got depressed and angry with myself. I would try to make videos and they were extremely depressing. BUT NOW I AM BACK and though it took me a second to regroup this time I can say I have learned somethings that should help if I were to ever get back into a slump again. So I am going to offer my 10 tips for getting past a mental fitness plateau:

  1. Own all of your emotion: Even though you feel bad and some of those feelings may not be positive. Sometimes it’s best to just get it all out and express them. I owned the fact that I was angry for not losing the weight how I imagined I would be losing. I owned the jealousy I felt for all my loved ones losing weight and looking better than me. I owned the sadness I felt stepping on the scale. I owned the happy feeling I felt after a workout and how it feels horrible when I skip a day. There is nothing wrong with having a full range of emotions. Embrace them!
  2. Patience is a virtue: AND it’s hard as monkey balls to master. Patience is the one thing you have to realize that you have control over. Do not try and micromanage your weight loss like I was doing. As long as you have a plan and stick to the plan 100% (making changes when needed) you should see results. So be patient…just because you look in the mirror and you don’t see does not mean it’s not happening. Give it time.
  3. Re-center Yourself: Use this time as a moment to self-reflect. NOT SELF BEAT UP but self-reflect on what you have been doing during this process. For this purpose alone I like to keep a daily journal of my eating and exercise. For one it’s very easy to spot in your food journal where you either went way off the bandwagon or where you can make improvements. And second you can see the progress you made in certain exercises. Like how I can do 20 pushups at a consistent rate now versus how the mere idea of a pushup made me sad. So don’t do like I did and beat yourself…do a self-check to build yourself back up.
  4. UGLY CRY: yes by ugly I mean just let it all out. I am not even going to lie; I sat in my room on my bed and straight boo hoo cried. Like eyes red and puffy, snot, loud cries, yelling at my ceiling kind of ugly cry. (I also shamefully looked at myself in the mirror before washing my face) So after that I prayed, did my night routine, woke up and hit the gym. The key here is all about step 1 and sometimes a good cry helps.
  5. Utilize your support group: I slightly overuse my support group and I have to figure out some way to thank them for putting up with me but I mean… that’s what they are there for. You have the ones that try to offer you solutions. The ones that accidently criticize you and make you feel worse about yourself. And you have the ones that just listen and let you get it out your system. At the end of the day when you need support make sure someone is there. You should not ever feel alone and when you do just do like I do…pray.
  6. Change up Gym Routine: Plateau means it’s time to give your body a culture shock and the first thing you should change is your gym routine. Pinterest is my go to for that. You can check out my fitness board ( because I constantly pinning new ideas and things to try. So get a pen and paper and lay out your weekly routines for the next month. Change is good!
  7. Create or Follow a New Meal Plan: If you ever start getting the feeling like you are eating air and your missing flavor…well my dear that means you need to change it up. Eating healthy does not mean that it should be blah. You can still eat well and be healthy. Just always remember portion control.
  8. Take new photos and new measurements: Sometimes the scales lie so it’s always good to have other ways to measure your progress. I utilize photos and measurements. I try to wear the same outfit for the picture and I try and measure the same way every time. Yes I know those photos are embarrassing at times but think about how awesome your before and after comparison is going to be.
  9. Set a new short term goal: give yourself a month or two to achieve something. MAKE SURE IT’S A REALISTIC GOAL. Self-Explanatory right?
  10. Wake up tomorrow and start a new

A plateau is another way of saying “onto the next phase”.

Well sorry for the long thought process but I had to share everything. I hope you guys enjoyed. If you have any ideas or anything you would like to see in a video or something please let me know.

Until the next burst of thought….Adios.

5 thoughts on “Fitness Chat | Mental Plateau

  1. I am happy I read this post, after losing 30 lbs I hit a plateau and ever since I have been slacking on working out and eating things I probably shouldn’t and gained about 5 lbs and I have been trying to lose the 5lbs I gained and the remaining 25lbs I still want to lose, but Lord that Popeye’s chicken has been calling my name…lol It’s hard to get back on track but your post is really motivating! We can do it!

    1. Aww thank you. I really debating about writing it because the entire month of July was such a fail for me in terms of weight loss. But I am happy that its motivation cause we all definitely need a push to keep going. KEEP PUSHING and take another route home…lol…stop driving by popeyes. (Thank you for the mental of a popeyes biscuit lol)

      1. end of July and all of August was a fail for me 😦 but I’m pushing for september to be great!

        hahah ya fast food is my weakness but you are right we just have to keep pushing!

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