NPC Fitness Competition| So your friend competes…

Hey Loves,

Since I was ghost this weekend I decided to dedicate my usual Monday thoughts to everything that happened this weekend. This weekend I was in Fort Worth, Texas to support my friend @diamondcutfit88 (Follow her on IG!!) for her first competition. It was the NPC Heart of Texas and for those who do not know she is a figure competitor. I guess I should break it down more since before she started doing this I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. When people think of body building they automatically assume SUPER HUGE MUSCULAR CHIC WHO LOOKS LIKE A MAN, which is what I used to imagine. But #1 there are different classes and #2 you can still be a hot sexy female with muscles. DIAMONDCUTFIT88 has definitely taught me and shown me some things about this lifestyle and I must say it’s very inspiring and it gave me an extra boost for this week’s workout.  NOW back to the competition…she came in SECOND PLACE and this was her first show. So again if you weren’t thinking about getting some inspiration I suggest you go follow her now (@diamondcutfit88).

Though she won second place…the journey to get there… for me (yes the friend not her lol) was VERY INTERESTING. So if you have a friend that competes and you have never been the support team you need to be ready. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone but the scatter brain of my friend was equivalent to the scatter brain of a pregnant woman. I guess with all the training and the restricted meal plans and stuff they just start to float through the day. For example she was not allowed to have keys, drive, or in fact be allowed to put things away without me knowing where things were. The first night we were there she lost the hotel keys and spent like 15 minutes searching through all her bags with no luck and the keys were in the room. Lol point being…as a friend my job was literally to support her all weekend. Which was completely fine because that was what I was there to do but I was not aware of how scattered her mind was working lol (LOVE YOU DIAMONDCUTFIT88)So as the friend I say to you … “you are a piece of his/her brain” until the competition is over.

I recommend having directions to all the places they have to go to on hand because you will more than likely be driving. There are 2 parts to the shows so during pre-judging I suggest you bring a book or something. For the times you aren’t helping and/or watching them it’s terribly boring. I also recommend you kind of know when they are supposed to be doing stuff. They have very strict times to eat and tan and glaze and pretty much just give a leading ear so you can help them stay on tract. I still can’t imagine the level of nervous and everything else going on in her head but I was glad I was there to help.

My last big suggestion is ALWAYS CARRY NAPKINS. Peanut butter and rice cakes are staples for females prior to competing so yeah that is all I am saying on the matter for now. I had such a great time this weekend and of course the icing on the cake was that she placed! So if you have any more questions or if you want to know more about competing leave a comment down below. I am thinking it’s time to start making her give guest appearances don’t you think?

Until the next burst of thought…adios!

Also if you follow me on IG (And if you haven’t yet why not?) My last couple posts have been about her so just click and click lol

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