Food | Fitmencook’s Sweet Potato Brownie

Good Day Loves,

I hope everyone is enjoying their week. Everything this month seems to be moving in hyper speed and it’s been a second since I got to sit down and just write. On Monday I went a little crazy in the kitchen and just started cooking new recipes. If you follow me on IG you saw the aftermath of me getting veggie slicing happy. (Don’t worry I’m going to review the product I used soon) Some of the dishes I made (spaghetti squash fritters and zucchini penne) came out amazing but there is one dish that I recommend to NEVER EVER FALL FOR.

So one thing that I struggle with during my fitness journey is sweets. For some reason I am always wanting a cookie or to eat a brownie. The odd thing is that it’s just those 2 particular sweets. Some weeks have been better than others but last week I really really really wanted brownies. So I decided to go online and find some good “healthy” brownies. Long behold I came across this awesome website and I got so excited. He makes some really good looking HEALTHY food which automatically prompted me to test out his SWEET POTATO BROWNIE. I even watch his video when he made them and ended up looking just like brownies. A couple of my friends automatically rejected the idea but I was extremely optimistic (or dumb) and decided to give it a try.

The end result: ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DISGUSTING!!!!! I have no idea why anyone would eat that and say that it was good. Zucchini and Sweet potatoes should go nowhere near anything that is supposed to be sweet and delectable. Maybe I used the wrong chocolate or something….HONESTLY I do not know but I took one bite and threw the entire batch in the garbage. YES all 12 “brownies” were immediately discarded. On a brighter note at least my cravings for brownies are definitely gone since when I think about brownies that god awful taste comes back to haunt my taste buds.

Even though those brownies were terrible I am still going to use fitmencook to help spice up my meal prep life so if it comes out good or bad…of course you guys will be hearing about it. I think the next thing I am going to try is his lime shrimp.

So until the next burst of thought…Adios

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