First Impression| PNK Digger Lipsticks

Hey Loves,

DSCN0946How are you doing on this fine day? I am doing amazing because I got some new lippies!!! I am so excited to share with you. I am not sure if you have heard of them but they are called PNK digger lipsticks. Aren’t they just lovely? The first one is Marietta Street (it has already made its first appearance on IG and Youtube), the second is Spring Street, and the third is Bunker Betty. All 3 came from the website It actually got to my house in less that a week and it was bubble wrapped so i definitely appreciate the care. I was so excited to get them because they are petroleum free, paraben free, cruelty free and 100% vegan. Never had that kind of makeup in my collection. So lets break down each one piece by piece. (I warn you now I was feeling myself so prepare for some fierce selfies lol)

O and of course to view my youtube video about them please click here.

Buckhead Betty

The first one I tried one was Buckhead Betty and from the actual picture on the site I thought it was going to be more of a pink color. But to my surprise its actually a reddish orange. Which was DSCN0950not a huge issue. As you can see in the video and by my photos I still liked it. One of the big reasons why I have fallen for PNK digger is the awesome smell and minty tingy feeling. It has a peppermint to it and the lip gloss feel is great. For the most part the applicator BLOWS on so many levels but it is still workable. Maybe as it gets bigger and/or more popular they will have the chance to change it.

Spring Street

The next one is Spring Street. Originally I thought this one was a purple but yet again I was completely wrong. It is a lovely sexy deep cranberry red. At first (as you saw in the video) I was not a fan originally but by the time I got into Selfie mode it was clear I was in love. Definitely adding this one to my favorite fall lips.

The last of these is Marietta Street I am very much excited. It is my sexy purple not vampy but purple none of the less. My friend bought meMarietta Street this one and I was clearly in love from the start. For some reason the first couple of times I used this one my lips tingled. To this day I have no idea why but when I tried it on for the video and it didn’t have any kind of effect. Overall I think PNK digger is a good source of lipstick. I like to think that some of the other colors are also wearable for my skin tone. In time I may even try them out but for now I will have to deal with the lovely ones I have picked out already.

I am giving these lipsticks, 2 thumbs up and I hope you guys go check it out.

So again please check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (iheartbri) and follow me on IG (@iheartbrilove)

So until the next burst of thought….Adios.

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