Please Don’t Check Me Out!?! | Fitness Chat

Good Day Loves,

So I am posing a huge question today. I have been going to the same gym for 2 years and it’s pretty much the same regulars in there. The gym has a major weight area and then a woman’s area. Can you believe I am still too embarrassed to work out in the common area during the busy hours!?! I cannot explain why but I still have this feeling that people are staring at me like “look at that fat girl trying to work out”, which when you think about it is terrible in its entirety. I am so self-conscious when I am in the gym its ridiculous. There is no reason for me to feel this way yet I would still rather grab weights and take them to the small women’s section rather than complete my tasks next to the chic who somehow manages to stay flawless for the entire hour she is at the gym. (I still think that’s a conspiracy)

As I stated before this is not just a physical change for me, it’s a lifestyle change both mentally and physically. Mentally I have to change the way I think about myself. So this month another thing I am doing is forcing myself to workout “in the open”. Luckily with my headphones I can blast music so it has been helping take the focus off my thoughts. I have also adopted the mentality that I am just as amazeballs as the people next to me so as long as I have good form they should be staring at me because “I AM A BEAST”.

Since yet again I have been traveling again I have been doing modified workouts to fit the hotel gyms. This week there was only one guy who I guess decided to work out the same time as me. The good thing is the hotel gym is one room so I was forced to work out in front of him. The bad part was there are mirrors all around so I kept finding myself watching my reflection and if he was staring at me. OF COURSE at no point did he even look in my direction but again this is just an example of over self-conscious mentality that needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY.


So what are your thoughts? Do you ever feel like that in the gym?

Until the next burst of thought…Adios.

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