Fitness Chat | October 2014 Update

Hey Loves,

First let me apologize for the major late-ness but hey if you don’t mind please watch my video. Also I must apologize something is going on with my voice since on some of the clips there is a time lapse and some of the clips are just fine.

Previous Weight: 209.4

Current Weight: 205.6


Lost: 3.8lbs

2″ From Shoulders

2.5″ from Chest

1″ from Thights

Pros: Last month, despite all the traveling I still managed to have a consistent workout. This month I am only going to one training and I called ahead so I bought a cooler to hold all my pre made meals. I am also bringing extra equipment to make the hotel gym a better gym for me to use that week. Plus my home gym has body combat now !

Cons: I know my eating was definitely off this month since some places I went did not have refrigerators in the hotels.  According to my food journal I gave into the temptation of cookies to much this month. I have to get better with my sweet cravings.

Goals for October: LOSE 6 lbs! Minimize my sweet attacks to zero

What’s changing this month for exercise: WEIGHT LIFTING and interval cardio (Wednesday, Fridays) and a mandatory rest day (Sunday)

So that’s my update. This process is so annoying sometimes BUT at least it is finally happening.

Until the next burst of thought..>Stay Blessed

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