Carb Attack

Hey Loves,

Today is a day of mere reflection while sitting here watching Red Band Society, which by the way is an awesome show. The way the writers so this is really awesome, it has me hooked on it. That is clearly not what I am here to talk about. What I am here to talk about are my insane bread cravings lately. Like French bread and soft babybel cheese and honestly I have no idea where it came from. Last month it was cookies and this month I have a strong obsession with bread. It’s absolutely driving me crazy. I keep reading bread labels trying to fix my food for the day to compensate for my desire for bread. LAWRD why does losing weight have to be so hard sometimes? I seriously have weeks where I can be amazing and then weeks like this where my food is literally going to be the death of me.

I cannot think of something I should do to make it better other then it’s a mental change. Since according to Ira I am not allowed to make statuses about food because it’s supposedly a mental thing BUT it’s clearly not just mental. Or is it? Honestly at this point I do not know but I am so close and yet again my “addiction” to food is really making it harder for me.

I honestly spend a lot of time trying to talk myself out of eating. Anytime I go off course with my eating I immediately feel guilty which I assume cannot be a good part of my progress either. This isn’t one of those blogs where it’s random helpful talks. This is literally just me venting instead of going to the store to indulge in my craving (again)

If anyone has any helpful suggestions please share. Because my body does not like gym workouts that span more than 2 hours. (Even though 2 hours isn’t very good either)

So until the next burst of thought…or craving….be blessed

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