Strip Tease in the Closet

Hey Loves,

I hope everyone is having a very awesome Monday. To make up for the lack of video (I will express all my technology frustrations soon) I have decided to try and up and amount of times a week I am writing. So with it being Monday I decided to give you the details of my strip tease. Of course by strip tease I do not mean anything that probably drove you to read my blog (which by the way thank you) but it does mean that I went through my closet to clean it out.

Since none of you guys know, I will be moving next month and I want to limit the amount of stuff being brought over especially since I will not be hiring movers to do it for me. (Yeah not on that baller status YET) So I decided to start with my clothes for multiple reasons. It’s time for the season switch over in my closet, I haven’t really worn much of what was in my closet, and I have changed size so why not start the strip down/ clean up. My rule normally is if I haven’t worn something in the year it is time to get rid of it. However due to my fitness journey I kept a couple items and some items I (or my mom) bought on clearance that was originally to small so it’s time to see what to do with them.

For the first since being a full adult (meaning I handle all of my life on my own without parental assistance) cleaning out my closet wasn’t depressing. For once the things that were once way to small I can actually zip up and the things that I constantly wore because I knew they fit (and cover) my body have become so big.  Big as in my dress pants looks like I have one a huge full diaper (as my mom put it). In a way it was like a fashion show for weight loss. The pure excitement from a size 18 barely staying up because it was so big was enough to celebrate with a glass of wine in my opinion (Of course I didn’t but still) I’ve been wearing 18 and sometimes size 20 for a hot minute to the point that when I put on size 14 AND FIT IT that I didn’t react until I was folding the clothes to give away.

Since my blog is almost a year old so I can say you guys know how long I have been dying to wear 14s again. It means I can go online to favorite stores like Asos and stuff and shop in the normal sizes. I have nothing against their plus size but I still think some of the “normal” clothes are cuter. I may not be a size 2 but I never was so I am not too worried. Have a stepped on the scale at all this month…yes and I have actually gained some weight but I am not beating myself up because I am making some adjustments in my food and I will be back on track for those numbers to go down.

So stay blessed


Until the next burst of thought….Adios

3 thoughts on “Strip Tease in the Closet

    1. HEY! Thank you. I am excited well not about the moving. Honestly I wish someone would create a teleportation pad so I can just have my stuff delivered that way. lol

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