Afro Monkey At Work

Hey Loves,


“You look pretty today miss”

“I like your hair straight vs. curly”

These are some of the “compliments” I get at work. Compliments these days are always a little weird for me. The first compliment would be an actual compliment if we just took out “today”. To this day I think that my coworkers don’t realize that this statement kind of implies that the previous days I have been coming to work looking like death or something. What is so difficult about saying “You look pretty miss”, it is actually pretty amazing the difference it makes to take the word out.  Though my responses are not the best rebuttals sometimes I just immediately try to back track through the week like “was I looking a hot stank mess yesterday or something”. Then the whole hair comments KILL ME. I mean okay yes there are months were I changed my hairstyle a lot just trying some new things but what they fail to realize is that my curly natural hair IS MY HAIR so when you tell me you like the straight (weave) over my God given texture it is not a compliment, in fact it is actually offensive. There is no way for me to take that then to be a little offended. Why do these instances occur? Well that is a fairly simple answer…. I am the only Woman of Color in my office. I am the only one who doesn’t have the same hairstyle everyday even though its 100% possible but I just choose to change it up.

Am I the only WOC that has these kinds of problems? In my opinion I think some other races are not used to the constant look changes because of the texture of their hair. I am not faulting them but in a way they are kind of faulting me.

“O you changed your hair again. It’s almost like you are a different person”

No actually this is normal; this is perfectly a normal thing for me to do. It isn’t like I am coming to work with rainbow bright hair or something. I wear weave during the weeks when my natural hair wants to be stubborn so of course that gives me the ability to try out different lengths and styles BUT is it still completely professional and it does not look crazy. I am sure they would be devastated to know that some of my hairstyles where I get the “compliment” of looking pretty for the day are a wig.

Another thing I CANNOT stand is what is up with the urge to take their hand and run it through my hair. In what part of this world is that a normal way of greeting someone? So when my coworker did it during one of my “awesome twist out” days I turned and did the exact same thing to him. HE FREAKED! Immediately shocked he asked me why would I do that and I laughed with a response of “Funny I was wondering the same thing when you JUST did it to my hair”. How is it okay to do my “interesting” hair yet it’s not appropriate to return?

For goodness sakes, IT IS hair! I am not a monkey at a zoo on display. I don’t need a conference hovered around my cubicle if I decide to let my natural hair breath. As long as it’s work appropriate then it really shouldn’t be anyone’s concern. I promise I am not concerned with your combover or the fact that you decided it was time to go bald. I swear working in the profession that is white male dominated can be so ridiculous. Sometimes I think they all need a class on “working with women” cause they forget sometimes.

(*Steps OFF soapbox)

I needed to just scream that out today because otherwise I am sure it would have been a much longer post.

So until the next burst of thought…Sayonara

O btw there is a new video live on my channel (Click the Youtube link in the top right to be directed)

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