Alexandra Butler’s A Beautiful Face 101| 1st Makeup Class

Hey Loves,

Yet again I am back in New Orleans for the annual production engineer meeting. Luckily I get the chance to hit my parents’ house and abuse their laundry facilities. So while that’s happening let’s see what is going on. It is finally November which means HOLY MESS I’m down to the finally couple months before the trips coming up so I guess I can finally tell you what I have been doing. So for Christmas this year, my family and I are going on our first cruise to Jamaica and it will also be the time I plan to wear a bikini for the first time in my life. Yep even when I wasn’t overweight I still never felt confident enough to rock them. Then in February me and 3 of my girls are going to participate in Carnival while in Trinidad and Tobago for a week. By participate I mean we joined a band and have an awesome costume to wear.

Clearly both opportunities are things that are bikini worthy and I have been using both on my motivation wall to keep me going. (November Update is in editing phase by the way)

OoO and last Sunday I had the opportunity to attend one of Alexandra Butler’s (@themuaalex) makeup classes. For those who are not aware of who she is, she is the MUA behind some of the looks from RHOA and Love and Hip Hop. (YOU KNOW PHAEDRA’s looks) Why was this good class? Well for one she is so down to earth that it makes you feel almost like it’s a girls day and yall are all homies. She is an engineer at heart so even though it has a laid back feel to it, it still brings a very structured and very informative class. It starts with brushes and goes all the way through a look that you can pick for her to do. O and let’s not forget the “swag basket” that fills up as the class progresses. Another part of the class I enjoyed was how you could ask questions as the class progressed rather than just waiting until the end and having to remember everything. She also gave us some dupes for the MAC brushes which when I finally get them I will be sharing with you guys.

Another bonus to this class was that it brings so many different beautiful ladies to the class which means they all have lipsticks I do not own (yet). Also learned about some more events taking place in Houston so I look forward to going to more and telling you guys about it.

If you are interested it’s on Eventbrite and she pretty much goes all over the US.

So I think that is the major update for the sake of me not droning on and on for you guys.

So until the next burst of thought…Be Blessed

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