Moving and Shootings


So guess what!?!

I have moved, which will completely explain my brief leave of absence from my blog and my channel. I am currently trying to decide the best place to film in my new apartment since there are plenty more windows so expect many different angles until I get this right. Moving during the season where TEXAS doesn’t know if it wants to have beautiful fall weather or random freeze moments is probably one of the worst ideas I have had in a long time.

The day of the move it was forecasted that the flood gates of heaven were going to open up and a downpour was going to occur. Also it was forecasted to be in the mid-60s and that was a complete LIE because it was in the 30s while we were moving the furniture out of my old spot. The move was still rather smooth though. As I am getting acclimated I have decided to stop and take a break.

I found a gym close to my apartment so OPERATION SEXY is still in full effect. I just will have to change my schedule a little bit so hopefully by December 1 I will be able to really update you guys and everything since the NOVEMBER update was an epic fail.

Which brings me to the next issue I have been dealing with this month…Does anyone else use that WB 1 TB external hard drives? I ask because I went to plug my hard drive in to transfer videos from my camera and it just died. My computer would make the little noise it makes when I attach anything via usb but it would not actually show up as a drive on my computer. So after countless forums and calls to the WB help and technical support they FINALLY REPLACED IT. Sad to say that all my stuff for my blog and my channel (Templates and such) have been lost so I have to start over so yes expect some changes to happen since I can never make the same masterpiece twice.

So many emotions going on inside today as I also watch the news and see my beloved alma mater FSU has just experienced a campus shooter in the library during one of the most stressful times of the year. My thoughts and prayers are out to everyone involved and I pray for peace. Crazy to think that used to be my sister’s favorite study spot. I lived right across from there in Cawthon Hall. You never realize the magnitude until it hits that close to home.

I think this concludes my random thoughts of the morning. I can say I am back to my regular posting schedule.


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