Black Force Trauma


I am not a person who is known for my political wit or my ability to handle the news but after last night I have to get this off my chest. Last night I saw looting, tear gas, people feeling helpless, people trying to get their voices heard.

If you think last night was just about Michael Brown and Darren Wilson, then you have missed the entire point of the outrage.

There is a complete disconnect between the police who protect and the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. If the people say they do not feel safe then doesn’t that mean that we as a whole HAVE A PROBLEM? Let us pause for just a second and take the color of our skin out of this problem and think.

How many more unarmed men must die before this point comes across: ARE WE SAFE? Why does this question have to keep being answered? How is it that when a cop is being investigated THE COPS are the ones that do the investigation? Does that not seem a little biased? Wearing a uniform does not automatically put you in the right. In fact using the excuse that “it’s a trouble neighborhood” is putting a stereotype on everyone who lives there and tries to justify being hostile toward someone who has not posed a threat yet. In essence the cops are viewing the citizens the way the citizens view ALL cops. This ridiculous notion has got to stop.

Why are these questions overshadowed? The answer to that is quite simple, it won’t give good ratings so definitely don’t expect to see anything like that being questioned on CNN or ABC and DEFINITELY NOT FOX NEWS. It’s much better for their paychecks if they turn this into an all our war against blacks and whites when all races are on either side of the issue.

Now let’s add race back into the equation. This isn’t the first time it’s been a police shooting involving an unarmed black man or child. (And before the statement comes out, I am 100% positive that there has been some unarmed white men and children as well but sadly those haven’t mad the news because no riots have ensued from there.) It is not just centered on poorer neighborhoods. You aren’t safe because your black family is considered affluent. The color of your skin does not determine your wealth in America; it determines your value when compared to others.

Do you remember Rodney King? Sean Bell? Oscar Grant? Trayvon Martin? Of course you do and if you don’t google them. They are just a few of the names of young men lives that were taken and nothing was really done about it. Massive amounts of violence and some peaceful protesting have erupted from these tragedies. They were portrayed as thugs or criminals thus giving the cop who shot them the right to take his life. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Is this right? Should we as a people have to change our culture to keep from being targeted?

Let’s get one thing straight our culture is not gangs (all races have cults and gangs); our culture is not sagging jeans and guns (that is what I like to call “media influencing our generation”). Our culture (from my point of view) is unique in the sense that many people try and emulate us. Granted they always pick the most ignorant examples to emulate (All reality shows and gangster rappers) they are still seeing our greatness, no matter how flawed. There is power in my culture. We are innovators and trend setters. We see adversity as a time to thrive and prosper. We come together and make things happen. We have the ability to do and accomplish the same thing a white man can do yet we have to work twice as hard because of the color of our skin.

Being a young black woman there have been multiple times that I had to bite my tongue and not be the “angry black woman” (Thanks Basketball wives since people automatically expect me to act like those glass throwing bimbos) even though someone of another race was being extremely racist. We are taught that we have to be the bigger person and not retaliate. Why are we taught that you ask, because it’s quite simple…people always expect us to act like the ignorance they see on TV. So we have to take this principle into our protest. We should continue to follow in MLK’s footsteps and fight violence with peace.

I am taught that I am a Queen. My life is of as much importance as anyone of another race, but I cannot help but feel targeted after watching the reactions that have been unfolding over the past couple years. My prayers for my black Kings are uplifted for their protection because the world we live in, does not see them as Kings. They are viewed as criminals and are treated as such. From toy guns to cigarettes to walking in the street, they have been killed.

This has to stop. As a nation we are failing. How can we preach equality and try to make it better for immigrants when the people who are already living here are in such chaos. I should not have to look at you from the color of your skin. Has civil rights taught us nothing?! We are all Americans, we fight for our freedoms together across the ocean yet in our own nation there is a constant divide.

I am praying not only for Ferguson, but for Americans. This nation needs prayers and Jesus.


On that note I hope you all join me in my prayers for peace because Lord knows we need Him right now.

Have a blessed Day!

P.S. – Please note that though we are all open to our opinions please refrain from posting hurtful or ignorant comments. The purpose of this blog is not to stir up more hatred. So if you are unable to present your thoughts in an intelligent way then I will be forced to handle it.

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