How to Avoid the Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

Hey Loves,

So the holiday season is upon us and the one thing I can always rely on other than family and good memories is AMAZEBALL food. Only issue with that is during the holidays we all have the tendency to overeat and end up laying on the couch waiting for the food to digest so we can eat more. Considering that I have spent this ENTIRE year trying to get my life together with this weight that doesn’t seem like the best idea for me. I have been trying my absolute hardest to fight that urge and break that cycle. My goal is I gain nothing major and I continue to monitor my eating. No I am not one of those people who try and front talking about “ooo I am going to stay on plan and not have cheat meals” because I am just being completely honest. Some of the food you see during the holiday season you will not see until another family get together which is usually Thanksgiving of next year.

For this reason I have 5 rules I am trying to live during the holidays so I am sharing them with you all.

  1. Don’t stop working out. Get a nice run in or something in the morning.
  2. DO NOT OVEREAT. Find the urge for the second and third plate
  4. Stay hydrated
  5. Remember when the holiday is over what do you want to be left with

So despite the fact that I have vacation brain and my vacation has not even started, these are the rules that I am trying to follow. What you are doing for the holidays to avoid the post holiday regret that usually follows?

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