So You Wanna Be A Cruiser

Hey Loves,

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays. Me well yeah I’ve definitely been having fun granted now I am sick but it gives me plenty of time to write to you guys. I must admit I have had extreme writer’s block so that’s why I have been ghost. BUT 4 days ago I went on a cruise with my family. It is the first cruise I have ever been on and the first cruise I have gone on as a family trip. I enjoyed myself BUT I am not a boat person so I don’t see myself going back on one anytime soon. While sitting on the couch my sisters and I have decided to give you guys some cruise tips

  1. SUNBLOCK SUNBLOCK SUNBLOCK: Yes somehow we managed to forget this very vital thing
  2. Bring Water: The water on the cruise can best be described as toilet water by my family. Which is rather hilarious but if you don’t drink alcohol or you decide to get the basic package then it includes lemonade, horrible ice tea and water. So consider all the options
  3. Walkie Talkie: Since you lose cell service while on vacation it gets rather difficult to communicate. Especially for us since we came with 2 other families so unless you feel like lining out your entire days to coordinate times I think this would be an awesome asset.
  4. Try to go as a group: My family and I went with 2 other families would made things awesome since we roll deep wherever we went. Plus a lot of the people in the group were very outgoing so that just made things really fun.
  5. Arrive early for events: A lot of the popular events like the Game Night, Comedy Club, Shows I recommend that you arrive early especially for the better seats
  6. Karaoke is a must: With a large group of people karaoke is awesome. It is full of energy and just automatically a good time. I highly recommend this
  7. Be ambitious: As long as you keep the mindset that you are here to have fun and no one really knows you then go for it.
  8. Prepare for all weather conditions: If you decide to do a winter cruise like we did then you should be aware that it’s hotter in the Bahamas so pack your stuff in a way where you can mix match and make your outfits weather appropriate.
  9. Take a Tour to explore to boat on day 1: If you know where everything is then it makes life way easier. We took the elevator on the first day that’s it. The rest of the days we took all the gosh forsaken stairs. (Actually felt a little burn in my calves lol)
  10. You don’t have to stick to the menu: When you have your dinners please be warned that the amount given is rather inadequate BUT you can order more until you are full. Don’t think you are limited by the small menu. If you want another crab cake just ask for it.

Sitting here we realized that you can actually keep going with this list for the sake of the day I am just going to leave it to 10. If you have any questions or anything let me know. Also would you like to see a cruise outfit look book?

So until the next burst of thought…Stay Blessed.

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