Time for a “Quickie”

Hey Loves,

I decided to gone ahead and tell you guys what has been going on. The past couple of months have been full of traveling and making changes. As you all may already know I finally moved closer to Houston so life has just been made awesome. I used to live in a place called Clute which was practically over an hour away from “civilization” but now I am right where I want to be.

As a apart of my job I went offshore to a particular facility (of course I cannot tell you which one) to do an inspection and it turned into a week of being stuck out there. Though I love overtime it’s not my idea of awesome especially since I have to wear my uniform 24/7 (ugh steel toes).

I also managed to knock “go on a cruise” off my bucket list. As you guys saw about my previous cruise post. (Click Here to Read) I go the chance to see the beautiful waters of the Bahamas and taste amazing rum cake.

So what is coming up you may ask?

WELL FOR ONE ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. So if you guys know any places that give free stuff for your birthday please leave it in the comment section. I hope to have the opportunity to share some of it with you guys.

THEN NEXT MONTH I AM GOING TO TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. I am so excited and trying my absolute hardest not to be overwhelmed at the checklist that I need to handle.

Oh and just a reminder keep a look out for videos on Mondays (And some Thursdays)

Check it out my update video by clicking here.

 So until the next burst of thought…Stay Blessed!

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